Psychoeducational Psychotherapy

·**Multi-Family Psychoeducational Psychotherapy (MF-PEP) is now included in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices**

Dr. Mary Fristad
Dr. Mary Fristad

The Treatment Manual can be ordered from Guilford Press and the accompanying workbooks are also available Products-Shopping Information 

This website has been developed by Mary A. Fristad, PhD, ABPP, a clinical child psychologist at the Ohio State University Medical Center to be a resource about mood disorders in children for families, caregivers, and professionals who impact the lives of children with mood disorders.

Dr. Fristad has been conducting research on mood disorders in children for over 30 years. She has developed a therapy program called Psychoeducational Psychotherapy (PEP) for families and children with mood disorders.  PEP can be completed with individual families (IF-PEP) or in multi-family groups (MF-PEP) by therapists with a variety of backgrounds. This model has been tested in children ages 7 to 18 with bipolar spectrum and depressive disorders.

Additional information about Dr. Fristad and her colleagues appears on the About Us page.

Additional information about the basics of PEP appears on the About PEP page.

Training materials and books can also be accessed through the Training and Products pages.

The Products page also includes information about DVDs, posters, activity cards, reproducibles, and access to online training.

The Professional Resources page includes resources for clinicians working with families and children with mood disorders including fact sheets, research about mood disorders in children, literature about PEP, descriptions of mood disorder measures, and web links to other helpful sites.

The Parent Resources page includes resources for families and caregivers of children with mood disorders including fact sheets and web links to sites with information about childhood mood disorders, educational resources, and treatments for mood disorders.

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